Webhooks allow you to send data into TrackingTime (Incoming Webhooks) or to get data out of it in real-time (Outgoing Webhooks).

You can use webhooks to build your own custom integrations. Also, we offer some cool integrations with popular online services like Slack, HipChat and GitHub out-of-the-box. For instance, you can create an incoming webhook that automatically starts tracking a task when you type a message like "/track [someTask] in [someProject]" in a Slack channel or a HipChat room.

Outgoing webhooks are triggered when certain events in your TrackingTime account occurs, e.g. when a new task is assigned to someone or when somebody starts tracking a task, etc.

Webhooks can be configured for the whole account or for a single user. You can manage your account and user webhooks in our web apps as well as via the API, using the endpoints described in this section.

Check out all supported incoming and outgoing webhooks to discover all the cool integrations you can build with our API.

Incoming Webhooks

Send data into TrackingTime in real-time. Incoming webhooks are a simple way to send data into TrackingTime from external sources when a specific event occurs.

Available Events

This is an overview of all available incoming events.

Type Event
Projects Add new project
  Close project
Tasks Add new task
  Close task
  Track task
  Stop task
Time Entries Add new time entry
  Delete time entry

Outgoing Webhooks

Get data out of TrackingTime in real-time, when a specific event occurs on your TrackingTime account. Webhooks allow you to build or set up integrations which subscribe to certain events on TrackingTime.

You can use outgoing webhooks to update a task in a project management tool, trigger the creation of an invoice in an external service or update a timesheet stored somewhere else. The available events are as follow. Each event corresponds to a certain set of actions that can happen to your account. For example, if you subscribe to the task events you'll receive detailed payloads every time a task is added, updated, closed, etc.

Type Event
Projects Project added
  Project closed
Tasks New task added
  Task closed
  Started tracking task
  Stopped tracking task
Time Entries New time entry added
  Time entry deleted

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