Where is my info in the New TrackingTime?

Here’s what you need to know on how to find your information with the new user interface.


We've merged the projects and tasks view in one single screen: Tasks. Here you'll find your projects on the left panel and can access the project tasks by clicking on the project name.


The classic dashboard has been improved to show you more in-depth information. 

  • 1.       The starred projects are available in Reports, on the Projects tab on top of a list of all your projects.
  • 2.       The daily timeline is available in Reports, under Live View, where you can also select which day you want to see.
  • 3.       Team hours and Company hours are still available in Dashboard, under Team Hours.
              Here you can also have more thorough information per user.
  • 4.        New to this section are the top graphics which enable you to see how your company is using its time in a certain period.


Timesheets is now Activity, here you can view the time entries of your team members and edit, add or delete them manually –if needed.


The team section has only change its appearence. 

Here you can manage user’s permissions, archive or activate users, and invite co-workers easily. 


Reports now has more options for you to customize your info and get the report you need.

Your classic report is available in the Timesheets tab. Now it also includes filters, rounding precision, search within the timesheet, and the possibility to export to .csv and to .pdf

NEW! Under Custom Reports you can create your own reports, selecting only the data you want to show. 


Company used to hold your clients, your account information and your services.

Now company shows your clients and your services, allowing you to easily add, edit or delete them. 

Your account information will now be accessible using the upper right menu and selecting account

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