Public API

The TrackingTime API allows you to integrate our time tracking features and your account data into your own applications and connect them to 3rd party applications you use.

Available Endpoints

These are the endpoints currently available in the latest version of the TrackingTime API.

Customers /customers Retrieve and edit your customers
Services /services Retrieve and edit your services
Users /users Edit user profiles and invite people to join TrackingTime
Teams /teams Retrieve and manage user teams
Projects /projects Retrieve and edit your projects
Tasks Lists /projects/:project_id/task_lists Retrieve and edit task lists within a certain project
Tasks /tasks Retrieve and edit your tasks, task comments and to-dos
Time Tracking /tasks Track time and sync time entries on-the-fly
Time Entries /events Retrieve and edit your time entries
Notifications /notifications Retrieve system notifications and mark them as read
Dashboard Stats /dashboard Retrieve dashboard stats
Reports /reports Create advanced reports through the API
Webhooks /webhooks Create incoming and outgoing webhooks

You can find the full API documentation  here.

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