Getting Started

Welcome to TrackingTime! Our web app is meticulously designed to help you track, analyze and report working times at your company in a fast, intuitive and simple way. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started in seconds.

Here’s an overview of the main application components, which will be described in the next sections.

  • Navigation bar
  • The Timer
  • Notifications
  • App Menu
  • Account switcher

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar on your left hand allows you to access the main app sections in just one click.

  • Tasks: In this section, you can manage your projects and tasks and collaborate with your team. Create and edit projects and tasks, delegate them to your team, create to-dos and post comments to your colleagues to keep all discussions around tasks in the same place.
  • Dashboard: The Analytics Dashboard allows you to explore your time data in real-time, so that you can always stay up-to-date on how your projects and you team are doing.
  • Activity: The Activity section shows you what everyone on your team is currently working on right now. Also, it gives you a daily overview of all the tasks tracked by everyone in your team.
  • Calendar: Get a weekly overview of your team's tasks and activities in a beautiful calendar view. Add and edit time entries per Drag & Drop.
  • Reports: Create timesheets for clients, projects and employees, run custom reports and export them in PDF or in CSV format ready to import to Excel.
  • Company: Manage your team, invite new users to start tracking their time, manage user permissions, grant project access to your users and more. Add clients and services to better categorize your projects.

Tip: At the bottom of the navigation bar you’ll find a link to our Help Center as well as a Twitter button, just in case you prefer to tweet to us rather than sending an email –– or to spread the word about this new cool app you just found.

The Timer

The timer at the center of the screen allows you to start tracking your time, fast and easy. Regardless of whether you’re setting up a project, creating a report or analyzing your last week’s activity: You’re always only one click away of starting a timer.

You have several options to start tracking:

  1. Just hit start: The fastest way to start tracking an activity is by simply clicking on the start button. A new unnamed task will be automatically created and you’ll start tracking right away.
  2. Choose an existing task or project: If you’re going to start working again on a previously created task or project, you can select an existing task or project from the list.
  3. Add a new task: If you want to start tracking a new task, just enter a task name in the field and click start. Enter ,, (two commas) and a project name to associate the task to a project: [task name] ,, [project name]. If there is already a project with the given name the task will be assigned to it. Otherwise a new project will be created.

Tip: Please note the button next to the task name. It brings you to the Recent Activity section where you can view and edit all your latest time entries.


Click on the Notifications button to view all the latest projects and tasks updates. Notifications are triggered when something relevant happens in your account, e.g. when a new task has been assigned to you or someone left a comment in one of your tasks. We’ll also notify you when estimated times are exceeded, so that you can immediately take action.

Tip: You can customize your notification preferences in Settings.

App Menu

The main app menu gives you access to your user profile, account settings and other features that help you manage and personalize your TrackingTime account.

  • Settings: Update your personal details, change your password and personalize your settings. 
  • Notifications: Edit your notification preferences.
  • Account: Manage your TrackingTime account. Upgrade your plan, manage or cancel your subscription.
  • Data Import: Import your time entries from a local CSV file in your computer into TrackingTime.
  • Integrations: Learn how to use the TrackingTime Button extension for Chrome to track time right from your favorite business apps.
  • Webhooks: This is for nerds. Integrate TrackingTime with your own apps or with 3rd party online services by hooking into our Public API.
  • Logout: Click to close your current session.
  • Product Updates: Discover all the new features and improvements we’re constantly releasing to keep improving your customer experience.
  • App Version: Here you can verify which version you’re currently using. This will come handy in case we ever need to trouble shoot some issue with your account. 

Account Switcher

TrackingTime offers multi-account support. This means that you can work for different accounts on TrackingTime using always a single user account with one email address. If you belong to multiple accounts, the Account Switcher will be automatically turned on when you log in into your dashboard and display the account you’re currently in.

To switch to another account click on the ‘Active account’ label shown above. A pop-up will appear on screen where you can select the account you’d like to switch to.

Tip: If you want to be logged in always into the same account, you can set this account as your default. You can change your default account anytime as required.

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