Can you send me a proper invoice with my company details?

When you subscribe to a TrackingTime PRO account and pay with your credit or debit card, you'll receive a receipt in your inbox, sent by  Stripe, our payments provider. These are valid receipts in the US, but we know that some customers, specially in Europe, need more information on their invoices due to regulatory compliance reasons.

In case you need such an invoice please  send us an email including your company name, address, tax id and any other information you'd like to include in your invoice and we'll take care of it. Also, please specify the email address where we should send the invoices to every month.

All customer invoices are processed during the third week of the month and you'll receive yours at the email address you've specified.

Tip: Do you want to make invoicing easier? Switch to an annual plan! Instead of having to book a payment every month, you'll receive only one invoice per year. And the best part is: You'll get 2 months for free when paying annually.

If you want to switch to the annual plan just send us an email and we'll setup everything on our end. There is no action required by you.

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