Microsoft Teams

The TrackingTime Bot for Microsoft Teams allows you to:

  • create tasks
  • track time
  • stop timers
  • check your projects progress 
  • see what your team is working on

Available Commands

Currently, our Microsoft Teams Bot supports the following commands. 

  • tasks Displays your active tasks
  • start [task_name] Start tracking a task
  • start [task_name],,[project_name] Start tracking a project task 
  • stop Stop the current timer
  • workingon See what everybody in your team is doing right now
  • team Displays your team's members
  • projects Displays your projects
  • connect Link your account with Slack
  • invite Invite your team to join TrackingTime
  • suggest [suggestion] Send me your wishes!
  • help Displays all available commands

More commands are on their way! 🤓

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